About Keshave

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Mr. Keshave Lal is India’s Leading Business & Peak Performance Guru, Mentor to many top entrepreneurs and a Bestselling Author “The Power Of Story Selling”.

Mr. Keshave Lal is India’s Leading Business & Peak Performance Guru, Bestselling Author and Mentor to many Top Entrepreneurs. He started his career when he was only 17 year old due to financial issues and his belief to do something extraordinary and purposeful in life. In his 10 years of career in various organizations and at various positions, he always longed for a mentor who could help him to build an extraordinary life and business, but when he couldn’t find one, he decided to embark on a journey into training industry with the determination to become that mentor himself. To become more impactful with his training and create powerful results for his clients he went on to read 500 books in first two years of his training career, personally attended dozens of training & seminar, interviewed 60+ Millionaires, Authored a Book. Being a firm believer in god and a seeker, he has read Bhagvad Gita, Bible, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib and many Upanishads.

He studies human & business behavior, as how they play huge role in business growth, financial growth and optimum performance. His training is focused on “Business Training/Coaching, Leadership Training & Personal Power” which is life transforming for every entrepreneur.

“He believes in the power of self (soul), and that with the power of self and mind nothing in this world is impossible. Everything is possible as long as you believe in it from the very core of your soul.”

Among all other achievements, one of his best achievements is:

He has personally interviewed 50+ Self-Made Millionaires to learn their mental and financial success blueprint, and has worked with 100+ entrepreneurs to help them achieve Massive success and growth in their business and personal life.

Few Top Achievements

  • From Super Shy and introvert, became a Business Strategist, Storyteller & Motivator
  • From broke and in-debt, Started 7-figure Income Coaching & Seminar Business
  • Read 500 books in 2 years, on an average 1 book a day
  • Interviewed 50+ self-made millionaires to study their success patterns
  • Became an author (The Power Of Story Selling – Amazon Bestseller)
  • From anxiety and depression, started meditating 15-20 hours a week
  • Started studying mind and consciousness and how it impacts money making, financial success and optimum performance
  • Helped many of his clients to create massive growth in their life and business

He is an Amazon Best Selling author:

  • The Power of Story Selling.

He is creator of Program:

  • Millionaire Success Blueprint- A program for entrepreneurs and businessman on mindset training and financial education.
  • Optimum Performance Program- Entrepreneurs Peak Performance Program.

He is the Founder of:

  • Millionaire Mind Group- A training & research center
  • You Change Foundation- An NPO dedicated to Youth Skill Training, Counseling and Career Advices.
  • Global Influence Academy: Dedicated to Oratory skills and Public Speaking training.

He firmly believes knowledge is an ongoing process, and you have to keep learning as long as you want growth to be a part of your life.