Secrets of Rich by Keshave Lal
Co-creator Of A Million Dollar Startup

Revealing!!! His 7 Real Money Secrets to Help You Experience a Financial Breakthrough

No fluff!! From understanding your subconscious to practical business lessons:
Your complete guide to unlock the money mindset of the rich
  • 2 Days - 10 Hrs

  • Saturday-Sunday

  • 23rd-24th July 2022

  • 9:30AM-2:30PM

Increase your Financial Results by 100%

Become 10X More Productive


Lives Transformed

Keshave Lal

Public Speaker and Business Coach

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On a mission to create a community of 1 Lakh rich and high-performing minds

35K+ Lives Transformed
1 Lakh rich and high-performing minds to create
300+ Workshops conducted

Who is this for?

College Students

wanting to understand finance and create a successful career

Sales & Marketing Professionals

looking to uplevel in their profession


interested in achieving financial freedom

MSME Business Owners

with a passion for building and scaling


who wanna make it in their life and become wildly successful

Aspiring and budding entrepreneurs

who are driven to succeed

And anyone who wants to experience a breakthrough with money and success

Ready to learn the psychology of the rich?

How does it work?

  • STEP 1 -

  • Learn from the 2-days power-packed session

  • STEP 2 -

  • Experience your breakthrough and walk out of the workshop as a whole new person

  • STEP 3 -

  • Join the SOR community

  • STEP 4 -

  • Leverage the free resources provided for continuous guidance and support

  • STEP 5 -

  • Achieve financial abundance

  • STEP 6 -

  • Become wildly successful in your life and career

What you’ll learn

In Day 1

Secrets to the never-ending flow of income

Is having multiple sources of income the untold secret of wealthy people? You will learn the process of how you can implement it, and have a seamless income flow while having a good work-life balance.

Letting go…

“Your past self can’t create the future you desire” I will take you on a journey to expose those financial habits that are stopping you from growth. You will also learn how to get rid of them, how to plan your financial goals and how to avoid debt in this part.

Which one are you? - Identifying your money personality

This is an interesting and highly beneficial activity we do inside the workshop! Each one of us falls under one of the five money personalities. We will find out what’s yours to enhance your financial management skills. This helps you grow fast, save more, and make better decisions.

Money-making techniques of the world’s richest people

Revealing the insider secrets to making massive money! In this part, you will learn the mind-blowing techniques rich people employ in their business that you can follow or get inspired to create your own ways.

The top 5% - what do they do to stand out?

Setting realistic and smart goals is great. What if you could have a blueprint to achieve your life and financial goals? Just like the top 5% of wealthy people do? That’s what we decode in the workshop.

Become an idea-generating machine

Learn how to break old thinking patterns, get fresh perspectives, open to new ideologies and be a constant idea generator.

In Day 2

How to unlock abundance and be a money magnet

This part is all about understanding the power of your subconscious mind and thoughts, how your thoughts make your reality, and witnessing the power of the law of attraction.

Ancient proven techniques to attract more money to your life

Here’s some interesting news: World’s wealthiest personalities right now show full faith in ancient manifestation techniques. In the workshop, you will know what those powerful methods are and also understand the power of affirmations, manifestation and an optimistic mindset.

Shaping “YOUR NEW SELF” with an abundance mindset

This is about burying your limiting self-beliefs about money and wealth, expanding your mindset, and creating new beliefs. You will find yourself powerful with abundant ideas by the end of this topic and feel like a new person! (Scroll and check out the reviews on this page to know how it will feel)

Earning while you sleep - make this your reality

Let’s uncover the unique topic of passive income - the key to making money while you sleep. You will learn all about how passive income streams work, how you can generate one for yourself and why it’s significant for financial abundance.

Mission financial freedom

Understand the magic of investing and compounding and how it will help to increase your money exponentially over time

Impress anyone within 30 seconds

The skill of attracting the right people and building a professional network of influential contacts is the most powerful skill you’ll ever learn. I will teach you exactly how to do that with a charismatic personality and empathetic attitude

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Secrets of Rich workbook
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Effective entrepreneurship 101 PDF
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20 minutes meditation video/audio
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Powerful daily affirmations
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Money Mindset 101 PDF
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Meet your money Instructor

Co-creator of a million-dollar Ed-tech startup

Amazon bestselling author of “The Power of Story Selling”

Certified master NLP practitioner

Conducted 300+ workshops & educated 35,000+ students

Interviewed 100+ rich and high-performing individuals across the nation

An ace public speaker with an experience of 10+ years in the industry

Worked with many CEOs and top executives from highly reputed firms

A researcher of models and strategies of the rich & high performers

Hey there!

It’s Keshave here.

If you are here, I’m sure you understand the importance of money and financial education.

Let’s accept it. Earning, managing money and bank balances are a real struggle.

If you are a student, professional, housewife, business owner, entrepreneur or anyone having to deal with money, you need to have the basic knowledge to at least understand your expenses and debt.

In the new era, where everyone is talking about multiplying their income and finding different revenue sources, learning and managing finance gets harder every single day.

To listen to your dad’s advice and seek your friends’ opinions on investing and feeling confused is frustrating.

To live in the constant fear of having enough money and securing your future is even more frustrating.

If you can relate to these experiences, let me tell you, you are not alone.

I have been there, done that. And I know how exactly it feels to question yourself everyday.

Wondering how rich people create massive money and how people unlock financial freedom.

And ofcourse, worrying about your finances.

The good news is: There is a way out.

A new way of life where you no longer have to worry about making enough money and meeting your expenses. Where you unlock the secrets of rich and use them to reach the next level in your life.

That’s exactly what I teach in the Secrets of Rich workshop.

If you want to expand your thinking, change your money mindset like that of the rich and become one of them, then this workshop is for you.

What you will get

  • 10 hours of Live training

  • Become a part of the SOR online community

  • Life-time access to the recording of the 2 days live session

  • Live Q&A support (2 live sessions - 1 per month)

  • Free bonuses and resources worth Rs. 8,995

Ready to learn the psychology of the rich?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Who is this workshop for?

If you’re an entrepreneur, a home-maker, a student or a corporate person, this workshop is for all those people who want to create breakthroughs with money and success.

Q2) Is there any age restriction for the Secrets of Rich workshop?

Yes, you should be 16 or above

Q3) Is there only one login per person?


Q4) Is this workshop about how rich people manifest?

Manifestation is part of the workshop. However, it’s not only about manifestation. In this workshop, you’ll learn about the psychology of the rich, their beliefs about money and the models and strategies that make them who they are.

Q5) In which language the workshop will be delivered?

The language will be a mix of Hindi and English.

Q6) Can I apply for a refund in case I won’t be able to attend the workshop?

The registration fee for the workshop is non-refundable. It can't be cancelled or refunded under any circumstances. In case you won't be able to attend the session for any reason, you'll get the recording of the complete session with lifetime access.

Q7) Will I get the recording of the session?

Yes, a recording of the session will be provided.