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Our mission is to build a supportive community of entrepreneurial thinkers across India, empowering individuals to start, grow, and fully realize their business potential.

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About Keshave

Keshave took his first steps as an entrepreneur at 17. Throughout his ten-year career working in different roles for different companies, he always wished for a mentor to help him create a great life and a successful business. When he couldn’t find this guidance, Keshave made a big decision. He entered the training field, driven to be the mentor he had been looking for — not just for himself, but also for others who were searching for reliable advice and a trustworthy mentor.

Keshave began with a modest paycheck of ₹3,000, but he was determined to improve his life in his bank account and beyond. He didn’t let go of his dreams, even when one company turned him down three times. On his fourth try, they said yes. This ‘never give up’ spirit is what Keshave is known for, and it’s the same spirit he tries to instill in all his students. His never-say-never attitude really paid off. He rose from earning ₹3,000, and failing in multiple startups, to finally starting an EdTech company now valued in the millions. This company has equipped over 200,000 individuals with digital marketing and entrepreneurial skills.

Keshave has always placed learning at the heart of his business ideas. He strongly believes that a good education can make a big difference, and that’s what he’s focused on in all his work. Each of his projects has been about sharing the right kind of knowledge. He says, “Inside each of us, there’s an entrepreneur with a great idea that could change the world. We just need to have the courage to bring it out.”


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Kickstart Your Plan-E

The modern world is rapidly evolving into a place where entrepreneurship is increasingly rewarding. Dreaming of wealth, independence, contentment, or pursuing your passion? Starting your own business could unlock these benefits and more. The challenge, however, lies in taking that first step.

This book is your roadmap to launching a successful startup. It covers everything from crafting your product vision to identifying your ideal customers. It guides you through securing funding, assembling a capable team, devising effective growth strategies, and achieving your initial sales milestones.

If the entrepreneurial spirit is calling you and all you need is a little direction, consider this book your personal mentor. Together, let’s Kick-start your journey to create a groundbreaking startup.

The Power of story selling

In today’s world, influencing is the best approach to sell, persuade and convince anyone. There are influencers in almost every segment, whether it is Leadership, Education, Marketing, Politics, Family, Corporate or Business. And to become a great influencer, you have to be a powerful storyteller.

Knowing the techniques behind story selling and using it as art can make you immensely powerful. This book puts some light on the science of story selling and talks about the powerful tools that can help you use the power to influence, and change the quality of your life. In a nutshell it is the perfect guide to become successful in any field of work by using the power of story selling.