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We Are On A Mission To Create One Million Millionaire Minds In India, And To Help Start, Grow & Scale Their Business To Its Optimum Potential.

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About Keshave

Keshave started as an entrepreneur at the age of 17. During his ten years of career with various organizations in various roles, he always yearned for a mentor who could guide him to build an extraordinary life and business; however, he couldn’t find one. So Keshave, embarked on a journey into the training industry with the determination to become that mentor himself, for himself and for people like him, who require a proven system and a mentor.
He started his career as an employee with a salary of ₹ 3000, determined to take control of his life financially and mentally. In his first interview even after getting rejection thrice from the same organization, he was stubborn to go the fourth time and got accepted. ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ attitude was inbuilt, and he wanted to spread the same. His level of perseverance has been a benchmark for his students. He went from ₹ 3000 as an Employee to co-creating a million-dollar EdTech startup educating 40,000+ people on digital marketing and entrepreneurial skills.

Knowledge has been a central point of his ideas for business. He had always believed in the power of ‘right’ education, which has always encouraged him to think on the same grounds. All his ventures so far were somewhere related to the idea of spreading right and appropriate knowledge. He says “We all have an entrepreneur within us with a powerful idea that can change the world; we just have to choose to unleash it.”


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Kickstart Your Plan-E

The world is moving into a direction where doing business is going to be the most rewarding game. To be rich, wealthy, financial independent, happy, or to do what you love, starting your own business can have so many nice perks, but the big question is how to start.

This book gives you the step-by-step process to launch your startup, from planning your product to finding your target audience, from funding your startup to finding the right team, from finding your best traction strategy to getting your first few sales done, and so much more…

If you always wanted to be an entrepreneur and just needed the right guidance, then let me be that guide & mentor, and lets team-up to build your next big startup.

The Power of story selling

In today’s world, influencing is the best approach to sell, persuade and convince anyone. There are influencers in almost every segment, whether it is Leadership, Education, Marketing, Politics, Family, Corporate or Business. And to become a great influencer, you have to be a powerful storyteller.

Knowing the techniques behind story selling and using it as art can make you immensely powerful. This book puts some light on the science of story selling and talks about the powerful tools that can help you use the power to influence, and change the quality of your life. In a nutshell it is the perfect guide to become successful in any field of work by using the power of story selling.